Trends of Electronic Signatures
February 18, 2022
By Ruelha Mascarenhas
The future is completely open, and we are writing it from moment to moment. These words by Pema Chodron imply that the best way to transform your future is by designing it – today! A good business…
Tax filing in United Kingdom
January 04, 2022
By Tejaswini Lakudwan
Do you dread thinking about the tax season? Most people fear this time of the year because of the sheer volume of paperwork involved in the tax filing process. In the UK, the government has started…
practical use of e-signatures in UK
December 28, 2021
By Nidhi Prasad
Digital signatures are emerging as an invaluable tool to rely on for contracts and documents that need to be signed. They are reinventing the virtual working environment and enabling organizations to…

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