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Top Ways E-signatures Help Boost Customer Experience

Pooja Patil

First studied in the 1960s, Customer experience – or – CX, as it is known today, has come a long way. Deep-seated into the bedrock of modern business, it results from the collective efforts of theorists and early marketing aficionados. Ensuring your customers have a positive experience with your brand at every step of their journey builds loyalty. Moreover, it helps in customer retention and can turn them into advocates for your business – which is why CX is a top priority for businesses today.

75% of customers are more likely to spend more for a better customer experience.

But wait! How do you evaluate customer experience? Today, numerous surveys and metrics like Customer Effort Score (CES), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Net Promoter Score (NPS) can help you understand what customers feel about your brand.

If you are a business that thinks measuring customer experience and making it one of your top priorities is not a big deal, here is a statistic that will make you change your mind.

80% of clients will switch to a competitor’s business for a better customer experience.

So what makes up a pleasant customer experience? It could be convenience, reliability, personalized interactions with the brands – or all of the above! There are countless things to consider, making it hard for businesses to quantify results.

What Can Good Customer Experience Do For Your Business?

Customer satisfaction matters to almost all of us, but for different reasons. Here are the benefits of an exceptional customer experience.

  • Increased revenue
  • Superior brand reputation
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Higher customer retention rate
  • Competitive advantage
  • Strengthened consumer relationships

The business scenario has changed dramatically – if you don’t like a local store or supplier, searching for other efficient options is quite cost-prohibitive. It takes money, time, and energy to find an alternative elsewhere. However, in the digital world, more importance is placed on customer experience and ways to enhance it further. Here, a million options are just a click away. On the flip side, since you only get seconds to make an ever-lasting impression, customer experience is critical in winning and retaining customers. This is where digital signatures come into the picture. eSignatures are a safe bet for employing technology to improve customer experience.

Customer Experience and eSignatures – How Are they Connected?

In today’s modern business world, where finding options for a solution provider takes just a scroll and a click, it has become imperative for businesses to create a lasting positive impression for customers. In a competitive market, only exceptional customer experience can set you apart. Documentation and signatures belong to those sets of activities that are an unquestionable part of every business, regardless of size or location. In most cases, signing on the dotted line brings forth sentiments of certainty and definitiveness. This centuries-old tradition has undergone plenty of changes, primarily for an improved customer experience. Digital documents being exchanged over email, printing, signing, scanning, and emailing them back to the recipient is a common workflow process observed by many businesses to avoid physically traveling to close a deal. Today, with the help of eSignature platforms like DrySign, your customers can be rid of this long and tedious workflow.

The use of eSignatures can reduce TATs, costs, and efforts associated with a manual document signing process, directly leading to a more satisfying customer experience. Moreover, employing electronic signatures also eliminates the risk factor – preventing data loss or theft, misplacing documents, unauthorized access, and other legal issues

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Benefits of Employing E-signatures For Better Customer Experience

More often than not, long and tedious paper-based workflows tend to hold up any parallel running digital processes and cause inevitable delays. Any kind of halt in the processes can disrupt productivity, mess up overall sales, and harm customer loyalty. Since the nature of every business is to increase revenue which is directly related to customer experience, businesses must count on CX first. Below are the ways eSignatures can eliminate delays from your documentation and business processes and boost customer experience.

  • A complete shift to digital workflows

Streamlined workflows can work wonders in increasing not just the efficiency of a business but also the revenue. Every business function has specific internal tasks that are paper-based such as getting approvals, getting NDAs signed by stakeholders, signing contracts and agreements, etc. Moreover, with digital documentation now a norm, traditional signing is the one task that can be a bottleneck to an otherwise smooth digital process. Adding eSignatures help make the shift to 100% digital workflows. It reduces the time used for document processing and signing, reduces printing, signing, and courier costs, and reduces your carbon footprint. What’s more, if your documentation process is smooth and hassle-free, it will leave a lasting impression on your clients and make your business a preference thanks to their seamless experience.

  • Easy integration with enterprise applications

Why do people prefer a digital experience? They don’t want to go through the hassle of manual processes, which include dozens of painstakingly slow and tedious tasks. Here’s where e-signatures become a game-changer. An eSignature platform like DrySign can be easily integrated with your existing applications. You can sign, upload, send, and store digital documents effortlessly for future use. DrySign also allows users to create templates that make any documentation process even faster. Additional features like Group Signs, which allow multiple signatories to sign a document online, and real-time mail trails that help you track the status of your document, make the DrySign eSignature solution a super-easy and efficient platform to use along with your existing applications.

  • Simplifying the purchase

Signing documents is arguably one of the most crucial experiences in a consumer’s purchase journey. Consumers today don’t want to spend time diving through emails to find documents, sign them, and send them back. It’s a waste of valuable time that today’s business owners simply do not have the luxury of. For the consumer, this also creates a negative outlook. Your customer could feel that you don’t value their experience.

On the other hand, deploying eSignatures in a customer’s purchase journey simplifies the process, saves time, and eliminates additional costs. Any agreement or contract can be signed securely in minutes from anywhere and on any device. With e-signature solutions such as DrySign, you can track your document and signing status through real-time mail trails.


Irrespective of your business functions or the industry you work in, documentation is imperative. Thousands of employees strive to find new ways to ease their documentation tasks every day. In today’s digital day and age, traditional document handling and signing processes can slow down employee productivity and affect the overall customer experience. DrySign provides a wide range of features to help your business streamline and automate its workflows, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention. If you are still striving to improve your customer satisfaction level, give DrySign a try.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is for general information purposes only and is not intended to serve as legal advice. Laws governing the subject matter may change quickly, and Exela cannot guarantee that all the information on this site is current or correct. Should you have specific legal questions about any of the information on this site, you should consult with a licensed attorney in your area.

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