DrySign adheres to the current version of PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) to ensure the safe and secure handling of credit and debit cardholder information. PCI DSS is managed and enforced by the independent body, Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). DrySign puts strict controls on cardholder data, both as a service provider and a merchant.

PCI certification ensures the security of card data through a set of requirements established by the PCI SSC. These include a number of commonly known best practices, such as:

  • Installation of firewalls
  • Encryption of data transmissions
  • Use of anti-virus software
Veracode DrySign

Veracode DrySign

DrySign is a digital signature platform enabling quick and secured e-signing. The application enables any user to sign the document or get the document signed seamlessly. DrySign is 128 bit secured and abides by all the legalities. The entire process of signing and sending a document on DrySign takes mere minutes. DrySign is cost-effective, prevents wastage, and reduces the carbon footprint.




Veracode performs both dynamic (Automated penetration test) and static (Automatic code review) code analysis and finds security vulnerabilities that include malicious code as well as any absence of functionality that may lead to security breaches. Veracode's binary scanning approach produces more accurate testing results, using methodologies developed and continually refined by a team of world-class experts. Veracode enables us to increase the velocity of our Appsec program. It also helps us in achieving faster remediation times, integrating security directly into the development lifecycle.

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